BitchTapes: DIY Feminist Punk Still Rules

Big exciting news! Bitch has now put together 200 mixtapes. That's right. We have 200 free feminist mixtapes highlighting the music made by women, queer performers, and people we... Read more »

BitchTapes: An AfroFuture Mixtape

This XIGGA playlist is an afrofuturistic journey through time, space, and energy. It embraces the XIGGA afrophilocosmology that affirms the funky fresh and courageous ways that people navigate being both on the margins and at the center. Deep inside us lives a spirit that is bold and capable of... Read more »

BitchTapes: Swing Songs For A Rainy Day

I started swing dancing in college as a way to meet people. That quickly led to a swing dancing obsession I still haven't recovered from. For me, there's something about that nice eight-count beat that really picks me off my feet and cheers me up. So, to counteract the increasingly chilly weather,... Read more »

BitchTapes: Songs for Awesome Parents

I started to listen to music a little differently after becoming a parent. It wasn't just about shielding little ears from raunchy talk and grown-up lyrics, although when my four-year-old started asking to listen to "Stacy's Mom," I realized I still had plenty to learn about this editing process.... Read more »

BitchTapes: Queens of My Feminist Heart

This Friday's mixtape is curated for Bitch from the folks behind the Feminist Playing Cards deck. "Queens of my Feminist Heart" features songs by the hearts of the project, a deck of cards featuring 56 feminist musicians illustrated by 14... Read more »

BitchTapes: Not Enough Queer Music

Formed in response to the fact that the world needs more art, music and culture made by and for queers, Not Enough! Queer Music and Arts festival is a celebration of all new and collaborative bands, film, performances and visual art made by queer folk! This... Read more »

BitchTapes: All "Jolene." All the time.

Sometimes, I love a song so much that all I want to do is listen to that song over and over and over, until it has become a permanent part of my brain. This is my relationship to Dolly Parton's master work "Jolene." Some days, all I want is "Jolene," all the time.   And thus, my perfect mixtape: 15... Read more »

Bitchtapes: The Gray Issue!

Tunes from the Gray Issue from BitchTapes on 8tracks Radio. It's finally here! The Gray Issue is filled with some great stuff, some of which you can read online. But there's also some great music... Read more »

BitchTapes: Metal Women

Some weeks just make you want to scream. For that special occassion, here is a mix tape of 11 women thrashing through metal songs. Go ahead—turn it up on full volume while you shout your head off this weekend about... Read more »

BitchTapes: Songs About Art

Earlier this summer, Jay Z invited a small audience of cultural heavies—among them Marina Abranovic, Michael K. Williams, and Jerry Saltz—to a New York gallery for a ... Read more »